Education conference – Hogeschool van Amsterdam

This project does not necessarily involve UXD, but does involve a lot of human aspects and how we perceive ourselves and others. Read on to find out what the Education conference 2014 was all about!

Every year the Hogeschool van Amsterdam(HvA) organises their education conference in national theater Carré. This event is for all employees working for the HvA and is it to inform them on goal and vision of the school for the coming year. They organise workshops and masterclasses which the teachers or other employees can sign up for. Every year the HvA selects a theme that characterises the goal and vision for the school for the coming year. When I organised the conference the theme was ‘Excellence in universities for applied sciences(Excellentie in het HBO). In cooperation with MediaLAB Amsterdam it was my responsibility to give visual form of the event and to create hype for the event. I organised numerous mini-events which were open do students as well as teachers to introduce them to the theme and also converse about it. Below you can find a video showcasing one of the events we organised(it’s in dutch):

Excelling people are using daring, naturally curious and never afraid to fail. They often are seen as innovators, entrepreneurs and creative individuals. To gather more attention for this excellence we created a an ongoing event that would test everyone to do certain tasks and post photo or video proof of their excellence. We set up the challenges to make the participants step slightly out of their comfortzone and push their own boundaries and challenge they own ideas.

Besides the ongoing challenge events, I also needed to create content to be used at the conference. There would be multiple speakers and we wanted to create a diverse content stream that could be added during their presentations. For the mini events we created small buttons that we could hand out to people to wear, which would also generate more awareness of the theme and events. This ‘button design’ was also used in Carré where we added a circular projection screen on which we could also project ‘buttons’ that people had made or collected during the events. Below you can find a video of the conference itself and some pictures of the buttons and challenges.

HvA Education conference 2014